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Dog Costumes: A Guide To Finding The Best One

Dog Costumes: A Guide To Finding The Best One
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Dog Halloween Costumes

There are said to be two categories of dog owners: those who dress up their four-legged friends and those who do not. It’s a topic that many a dog owner will roll their eyes at, “Who would dress their dog up?! It’s a dog!” GUESS WHO? WE WOULD! We love a good Halloween costume so if you disagree, this may not be the article for you because we are going deep into the adorable world of pet costumes. Buckle up!

Dog Costumes

Choosing A Dog Costume For Fido’s Personality

The first thing that pet owners may want to consider when choosing a Halloween costume for their furry friend is their personality. Do you have a rambunctious beast on your hands? Maybe an ironic angel costume will be the costume of choice. Or perhaps your pup is a total couch potato. Well, you’re in luck, there are shops that have literal potato costumes. Considering your dog’s personality may be a great place to start when deciding on a Halloween costume.

Funny Dog Costumes

Regardless of the costume you choose, there’s something universally comical about a dog of any size dressed up. However, there are some costumes that we find particularly funny.

King Outfit

Is your dog the King of his castle? Or perhaps he runs your entire home. This King Costume may be what you’re looking for.

Dog Costumes King

Queen Costume

Obviously, we would never leave out our Queens.

Princess Costume

Or perhaps your pooch has more princess-like tendencies. You may want to check out this Princess costume.

We just want to point out that the King, Queen, and Princess costumes above all have crowns. And we love crowns.

Loofah Costume

You may see the loofah costume circling the internet around Halloween time each year and we can’t get enough of it! Remarkably, most of these costumes are homemade or DIY in the Pinterest world. There are tons of simple tutorials on how to make the perfect loofah costume, but we particularly like this one from DandyLione which includes step-by-step instructions.

Football Player Costume

Touchdown! Want to dress up your fur baby as the newest recruit of your favorite football team? Look no further than the plethora of options from our friends at Pet Costume Center for countless football player costumes.

Old Lady Costume

Perhaps you have a bit of a granny on your hands. An old lady (or old man) costume is another great idea for a DIY project. To top it all off, check out this perfect granny wig!

If you have any other funny dog costumes in mind, we recommend checking out this site. They have an entire section dedicated to funny dog costumes.

Dog Costumes Old Lady

Star Wars Dog Costumes

Speaking of dedication, we have a whole section dedicated to Star Wars.

Ewok Dog Costume

First, we have the traditional, adorable Ewok costume for dogs.

Next, always a crowd favorite: The Walking Ewok 

Yoda Dog Costume

“Do or do not. There is no try.” We like to think that this is what your pooch is saying when they force you out of bed at 6am on a Sunday. If you have a wise pup on your hands, check out this adorable Yoda costume.

Chewbacca Costume

Some dogs don’t need much of a costume to look like a mini Chewbacca, but just in case, we have you covered.

Dog Costumes Chewbacca

Princess Leia Dog Costume

Let’s not forget about one of our personal favorites: the adorable Princess Leia costume.

Movie Character Dog Costumes

Moving on from Star Wars, let’s help brainstorm on some fun movie character ideas!

Popeye Costume

This DIY Popeye and Olive costume might be one of the cutest things we have ever seen. We highly recommend our readers to check out Pinterest if they are feeling crafty!

Eeyore Costume

“Oh bother” … If your pooch is a mopey sweetheart, check out this Eeyore costume. While you’re at it, check out the whole Winnie the Pooh collection, including favorites like Winnie, Piglet, and Tigger. It’s pretty adorable.

Canine Pokemon Costume

Additionally, we love companies like Etsy that support small businesses (not to mention super talented creators). Check out this Pikachu costume, among many others from the Pokemon collection.

Dog Costumes Pokemon

Minion Dog Costume

We love that the minion craze has made it to dog costumes as well. Check out these great minion costume options!

Flouder Costume

There are few things better than having your pup’s costume correlate with your own. Would Fido make the perfect Flounder to your Ariel? Check out this Flounder Pinterest page for some awesome inspiration.

Dogs Dressing As Other Animals

Have you ever looked at your pup and thought to yourself, “are you sure you’re really a dog?” Our precious pups have so much expression and personality that can often be pretty hilarious. If you’ve ever thought about your dog as another animal, Halloween may be the perfect time to have some fun with the idea.

Goat Costume

We’re not sure whether this is a sheep or ram or goat costume, but it is definitely cute.

Lizard Costume

Perhaps your four-legged friend has lizard-like tendencies. Well, you’re in luck with Amazon’s iguana costume.

Caterpillar Costume

You don’t have to be a fan of bugs to appreciate this sweet caterpillar costume.

Lion Mane For Dogs

One of our personal favorites and always a crowd pleaser, the lion mane head piece will suit any little beast.

Fish Costume

Amazon is at it again with this precious fish costume.

Dog Spider Costume

For those pet parents who aren’t particularly jumpy, our friends at Pet Costume Center have designed an awesome creepy, crawling spider costume.

Food Dog Costumes

Food costumes are always a hit as far as dog Halloween costumes go. Luckily, the creative people on Pinterest and Etsy have thought of and designed nearly everything you could imagine. We’ll show you some typical food costumes as well as some really imaginative ones.

Hot Dog Dog Costume

For starters, no dog costume article would be complete without the hot dog costume. And don’t worry, it’s not only for dachshunds (weiner dogs). This costume is perfect for all breeds of dogs!

Pickle Costume

This pickle costume is what we are referring to when we talk about the clever people of Pinterest. When it comes to dog costumes, the more creativity the better!

Potato Costume

Speaking of creative dog costumes, while you’re browsing Pinterest, check out some baked potato costume inspiration 

Fruit Costumes

Feeling a little fruity? Check out this banana costume or pineapple costume from our friends at Pet Costume Center. Again, Pinterest or Etsy are both great options for DIY fruit and veggie ideas!

Pizza Costume for Dogs

Speaking of things we love, who doesn’t love a good pizza… or pizza costume?!

Dog Costumes Pizza

Funny Costumes for Large Dogs

Why should little pups get to have all the fun? If your four-legged friends happen to be on the larger side, not to worry! Here’s is a whole section of big dog costumes that are sure to keep your gentle giant feeling included at any costume party.

Small Accessories for Dogs

We know you may love the idea of dressing up your pup for Halloween, but some dogs do not like the idea of being put in a costume. Don’t force the issue. At the end of the day, your dog’s comfort should be more important than a costume party (even if it’s the cutest dog costume party of all time).

Furthermore, just because your dog isn’t into the full-on Marilyn Monroe outfit you picked out, doesn’t mean they won’t be happy with a small accessory. Compromise!

There are endless amounts of small accessories to consider including:

Additionally, dog’s aren’t used to having weight on their heads. You may want to opt for something like a dog tutu dress. If your pup is totally opposed, another option is a cute t-shirt or a neck accessory that can attach to the dog’s collar. Chances are, they don’t even notice.

Dog Costumes: Our Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, regardless of your stance on dressing your fur baby for holidays, it is hard to deny how cute they look all dolled up. We think that it’s pretty great that in 2018 there are so many creative dog lovers that design with our pups in mind. From Princess Leia to a piece of pizza, pet owners are pretty well covered if they so choose to dress their dog up for Halloween.

(Oh, and don’t get us started on Christmas costumes… because we’ll be here all day. I mean, just look at this little Candy Cane Costume!)

Again, if your dog is completely against the idea of costumes, don’t push the issue. At the end of the day, they are probably adorable enough as it is.





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