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Tether Tug: The Best Interactive Toy For Your Dog

Tether Tug: The Best Interactive Toy For Your Dog
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What is the Tether Tug Dog Toy

The people at Tether Tug are really onto something. They have developed an interactive dog toy that allows your pup to maintain their health, happiness, and overall well-being all while allowing pet owners to maintain their arms… Let us help explain.

If you have a hyper, energetic dog you know probably understand what we mean when we say that no amount of ball throwing or games of tug-of-war seem to be enough. Your playful pup can keep going and going, leaving their owners attempting to catch their breath.

Dog owners recognize the heavy amount of activity that your dog needs on a daily basis, but even the best, most doting owners can find it next to impossible to keep up. Well, not to worry! The genius minds behind Tether Tug designed a product that keeps your dog active and healthy on their own while still maintaining that bond between dog and owner.

Tether Tug

Who Are The Tether Tug Creators

The Tether Tug company is based out of the USA in a small town in the southwest corner of Missouri and is fully staffed with all animal lovers. In their bio on their website, they talk about their love for not only dogs but horses and cats to guinea pigs as well. There’s something about an animal company that LOVES animals that you just can’t help but truly appreciate.

The idea of the Tether Tug came from their father and son team, Roger and Adam and was inspired by their three-legged rescue pup.

Their mission is as follows:

“To help people find a way to keep their dogs playing, having fun, and to ensure a loving bond between pet and owner.”

What’s not to love? A company that ensures that the dog and dog owner are bonding, having fun, and getting exercise.

How Do Tether Toys for Dogs Work

Tether Tug

So what is this magical device? The Tether Tug is a never-ending game of tug of war that allows dogs to tug to their heart’s desire. All of that tugging and pulling can really wear on a dog owner’s shoulders and arms. The Tether Tug works by using a pole feature that is secured into the ground. At the top of the pole is your

dog’s new best friend: the tug toy. This tug toy is made of a braided, knotted rope and is highly durable and allows for countless hours of yanking, pulling, and tug of war-ing and pet owners can’t seem to get enough. The reviews alone speak for themselves.

Installing the Tug Toy

Pet owners will install their new Tether Tug with a 14″ metal in ground base. Owners can either use a rubber mallet or a hammer to drive the metal base securely into the ground. Keep going until you only see the two holes at the top of the base just above the ground. If you are using a hammer, the makers of Tether Tug recommend using a block of wood on top of the base to prevent it from deforming using the installation process. Now, to use the tether toy, simply place the looped end of the toy into the Quick Connector (carabineer attached to Tether Tug pole). Your Tether Tug is now ready for use!

Additionally, the makers of the Tether Tug provided this great how-to video for pet parents who are more visual learners.

Where Pet Owners Can Use Tether Tug

One of the greatest things about the makers of Tether Tug toy is that they thought of everyone while designing their product. From the UBER tether tug to the indoor tether tug, there’s something that we are confident will work for your individual needs.

Tether Tug

You heard that right. If you don’t have a huge backyard it’s no problem. Tether Tugs also come in a great design to be used indoors. Not many companies cater to the fact that there are so many dog owners who live in apartments or condos. Of course, we may all wish for Fido to have acres to run around on but that just isn’t the reality for the vast majority of us.

Indoor Tether Tug

We love companies that cater to each individual pet as well as the pet owner’s needs. With that said, we believe that not having a backyard shouldn’t limit the amount of physical activity and mental stimulation that your dog can receive. Great news! Meet The Indoor Tether Tug. These dog tugs allow your pup to have all the fun in the comfort of your home.

Outdoor Tether Tug

While we love the fact that Tether Tug makes an indoor Tether Tug, most buyers opt for the outdoor Tether Tug. The outdoor toy is easily installed and can make for hours of fun. Either way, dog owners LOVE the interactive dog toy.

Tether Tug

What Types of Dogs is the Tether Tug For

Furthermore, the makers of the interactive toy have designed different versions of the Tether Tug for different sizes of dogs.

Small Tether Tug

Tether Tug

The makers of Tether Tug realize that even small pups need their fair share of physical stimulation. In fact, if your pooch is pocket sized you may argue that they have even more energy than bigger dogs. Find your smaller Tether Tug (for dogs under 35 pounds) here!

Medium Tether Tug

Is your pup between 35 and 70 pounds? Or maybe your 30 pounder has more bite than your average bear. Not to worry, the medium Tether Tug for mid-sized dogs should work for you!

Tether Tug XL

The Big Tether Tug toy made for pups over 70 pounds! The big tether tug may be a great option for german shepherds or a pit bull fur baby.

Accessories and Replacements

Need extras or replacements? We’ve included some easy links for our readers.

Braided Fleece Toy 3-Pack –> Here!

Monkey Fist 3-Pack –> Here! 

3-Pack Bite Tug Toy –> Here! 

3-Pack Ball Toy Plus –> Here! 

Stabilizer for Loose Soil –> Here! 

The Tether Tug website also allows pet owners to pick and chose between different toys and fabrics based on their dog’s personality. For instance, if you have a real shredder on your hands, you may opt for one of the Monkey Fist toys.

Why Owners Should Chose Interactive Dog Toys

Dogs, much like their owners, don’t do well with hours upon hours of idle time. We understanding that as much as you’d love to be able to play with your pup all day, every day, it’s just not always possible. An interactive dog toy is a great way to ensure that your pup is not only getting the physical attention they need but also the mental stimulation that is so necessary for their well-being.

Tether TugMental Health

An inability to provide your pup with consistent attention can often result in behavioral issues. Whether it’s tearing up the new rug, unprovoked aggression, or urinating inside, many negative behavioral issues are a result of nothing more than the fact that your dog is bored. An interactive dog toy such as the Tether Tug can not only provide your dog with mental and physical stimulation, but it can also prove to be a massive relief for pet owners as well.

Physical Health

The Tether Tug and cardiovascular exercise is also incredibly beneficial for your dog’s physical health, particularly their heart health. Physical activity, such as tugging and running around with an interactive toy such as the Tether Tug can also be great for joint, muscle and bone health.

Tether Tug: The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, we know that your dog to be healthy and happy. Pet owners will go to great lengths to make sure that their pups are well taken care of. Sometimes, this can get tricky. Our dogs (unfortunately) can’t speak to us using words. However, they are constantly telling us things, we just have to learn how to listen differently.

If your dog seems more lethargic than usual or has been acting out in behavioral ways, the Tether Tug may be an incredibly beneficial addition to your family. Of course, we hope it goes without saying that changes such as behavioral issues or lethargy can also be signs of something much more serious that may require veterinary intervention. It is incredibly important for dog owners to be aware of their pup’s “normal” behavior in order to recognize when something with Fido doesn’t seem right.

At the end of the day, knowing that your dog is receiving that activity they need in their day-to-day lives ensures the pet owner that their pup is living their best life possible.



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